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Cool AF

Influencer Tracking for Beauty Junkies

Track, share, discover and shop beauty products used by your favorite influencers.

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Wayne Goss

Track the products mentioned by Wayne Goss.

3.1M Subscribers
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Track the products mentioned by Zoella.

12M Subscribers
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Track the products mentioned by NikkieTutorials.

9M Subscribers
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576,000 hours

of YouTube content uploaded
every day.

If you don't want to miss out on your favorite influencer's content,
now is the time to check us out!

Magic Tracking

DashHound will automatically start tracking and detecting the products mentioned in any social content published by your influencers, as if by magic.


You can ask any beauty question, and other DashHounders can answer with specific product recommendations that you can buy right there and then.

Wish List

Not ready to buy a product? No problem, save it to your wish list for when you are, it’s dead simple.

Use List

Let other DashHounders know what products you currently use by adding beauty products to your use list.


Don’t miss out on the next ‘it’ product. You can find out what beauty products are trending right within your dashboard.


Discover new influencers, new products, and new DashHound beauties to inspire your next look.

Dead Simple

All you have to do is connect your social accounts. DashHound automagically starts tracking your influencers for you so you can enjoy all their beauty content and recommended products in an easy-to-use feed.


Personalize your dashboard and make finding content easy as. Quickly create unique feeds for your most loved influencer and/or group together similar influencers to suit your tastes.


DashHound is built to make your life easier. In a tricked out dashboard you’ll know which of your influencers mention a product, how often your influencers mention a product, how many DashHounders currently use a product, and much more.

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